Party Officials

Paul Crews Jr

Vice Chairman:
Tyler Byrne

Malcolm Coffman

Andrew Brewington / Zach Brotherson

Convention Chairman:
Matthew Mortimer

Platform Chairman:
Wyatt Antoine

Cascade County Chairman:
Andrew McCoy

Columbia County Chairman:
Thomas Martin

Palouse County Chairman:
Michael Cizek

Puget County Chairman:
Armando Rojas


2013 Party Platform 

  • Oppose sales tax
  • Against death penalty
  • Subsidize green
  • Support charter schools
  • Universal background checks
  • Congress same benefits
  • Full marriage equality
  • Split private/public healthcare
  • Annex Canada; Man on Mars
  • Yay Science + Metric
  • Pro life cereal
  • Super soldiers
  • Pro GMO research
  • No zombie rights
  • Pro divorce equality



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