The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Auditor.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

The State Auditor is responsible for the post auditing of state agencies, making sure that all money spent was spent according to law and that state funds were not misused. He is also responsible for the supervision of trained accountants to check the books of officials in counties, cities, and districts.

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The State Auditor will perform duties as assigned by the Governor. He will prepare at least three bills for the legislature pertaining to the duties of his position and lobby for their enactment. Evaluate grant applications by the criteria set by the office of State Auditor. Give an address at the closing of joint session of government on the accomplishments of his office.

Mr. Gunnar Newell
Rainier Party, City of Maple

Hi my name is Gunnar Newell, I am running for State Auditor. I am supposed to provide information about myself to help you to get to ‘know me’. A quick biography on me is I was born in Spokane, WA. currently living in Selah, WA. I am in leading roles in such a myriad of clubs I will only list the pertinent ones: DECA and YVC Business Club. DECA is essentially a business club which I have held various positions in, but I have won first place in the Business Finance event of my region. Consequently I have attended state DECA for this same event as well as Marketing Management. I am the Yakima Valley College (yes college) Business Club Vice president, which is an amazing positions. As far as entertainment I do most everything, from bikes to roller blades, kites to kazoos. However, The most interesting thing I do (I feel) is I prepare for my retirement with a custodial Roth IRA that I manage. If you’ve read this far I feel the best way to gain information about any candidate is to ask them yourselves, so I encourage you to find me and ask me questions about anything.

Mr. Esteban Garcia
Rainier Party, City of Hemlock

Hello everyone I’m Esteban Garcia from Hemlock City. Today I would like to announce that I’m running for state auditor. Today, I run for this position because not only I know that I have the capability and leadership skills to manage this position, but I also have had some experience with the handling of money after taking the position in school as the school president of the California junior scholarship federation treasury Department. By Electing me as your state auditor I promise each and everyone of you that I will take full responsibility, will work hard, and be committed to oversee local government finances for evergreen state tax payers, by helping to ensure financial integrity and accountability in local government financial funding and activities. By electing me as your state auditor I’ll also ensure that each and every cent funded by the federal government is actually spent accordingly to the law and funds aren’t been misused. Finally, I compromise to make state funding fair and possible accordingly to each case scenario, for the own good of the evergreen state. In order to accomplish this task for everyone’s benefit in the state I ask you to please vote for me. Thanks!

Mr. Justin Statile
Adams Party, City of Fir

My name is Justin Statile and I am a student at Archbishop Murphy High School. Over the years I have obtained an unusual problem. I commit to so many activities that I almost need to have my own secretary to keep track of all my events. I am very strong in my community outreach, for I love volunteering especially with children who have both physical and mental disabilities. These children are the reason why I am able to comfortably say, I am ready to be that “guy” who blows the whistle on corrupt organizations. I am ready to help stand side by side with the treasurer, to manage funds but also provide a way to stop corrupt organizations.

Besides my duty to community, I am a Boy Scout of America working fast and furious to become an Eagle Scout. I have been a Patrol Leader in my troop and have been a Camp Counselor for years. I play completive soccer with Crossfire Premier Soccer Club and am able to demonstrate the qualities of a leader both on the field and off the field. I am prepared and ready to take that leap and become the next Evergreen Boys State Auditor.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!