The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Governor.

Mr. Admad Jumper
Adams Party, City of Fir
2016 bio - ahmad jumper

My name is Ahmad Jamal Jumper and I’m a junior at Steilacoom High School. I just recently moved to Washington from Ohio, where I had lived for the past 16 years. At Steilacoom High School, I was recently elected to be the 2017 class president. I was also on the football team where I was awarded 1st team all league linebacker, and defensive MVP. I was wrestling team captain and placed 6th at the state tournament. I’d really appreciate the opportunity to represent Evergreen as its Governor.

Mr. Joe Koffel
Rainier Party, City of Birch

Hey guys, my name’s Joe Koffel. I’ve met a lot of you, but there’s still a good amount of people I’ve yet to meet! Let’s change that! I’m from Republic, up in the far northeastern corner of our state. What makes me capable to be your Governor? First off, I’m proud to say I represent the Rainer Party as their Party Chair! I’m a 3 year varsity state debate competitor having competed in Congressional Debate, Improv, Dual Interp. and several others. This year, I was my school’s General ASB Vice President. I have the experience and the know how to run an effective government as your Evergreen Boys State Governor. The Rainer Party showed their faith and trust in me to be their Party Chair. For all of you Adams members reading this, at this point, we don’t even know if we have significant political differences besides our names, so I ask you to look past our party lines and to consider me as your best candidate for the job. I ask you to trust in my skill set, my ability to compromise, my willingness to work between parties, and my leadership capabilities to be your EBS 2016 Governor. For any Rainer members reading, I ask you many of the same things, but I also ask you to have faith in not only me, but the Rainer party. I firmly believe if we are able to compromise, to collaborate, and work together between our two parties we can run such an effective government that our Evergreen Boys State class will be talked about for years to come. Our success will be our legacy. If you’re like me, and want to be a part of that legacy, please, I ask you to vote Joe Koffel as your EBS Governor. Thank you.

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Lieutenant Governor.

Mr. James Osier
Rainier Party, City of Maple

In my life, I’ve always been someone who’s had an eye for the most extinguished challenges life has to give. When I look upon the various positions the one that took my eyes was Lieutenant Governor. I understand that a position such as this requires incredible amounts of leadership, with also the understanding that partnership needs to be accomplished to achieve any goal that comes my way. But when it comes to these requirements I’ve gained an understanding of them, due to going for and achieving the position of Command Sargent Major in my JROTC class. With that position I’ve been given the command over two hundred cadets with having to provide them motivation, integrity, in addition with an ocean of other values including of course leadership. I shall do like everything in my power as lieutenant governor with a drive of following the parliamentary procedure, with some fun here and there.

Mr. Nathan Rise
Adams Party, City of Elm

2016 bio - nathan rise

Looking for unique opportunities is one of my goals while I’m still in highschool. I believe that running for Lieutenant Governor is as unique as it gets. I have extensive experience in leading and planning from Boys Scouts and Border Patrol Explorers. I have held numerous leadership positions in both organizations and plan to use these skills if elected. I believe I work well with others and truly want to listen to the voice of the people to further better the community. I thank you for reading this bio and I look forward to seeing you at elections.

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Secretary of State.

Mr. Lamson Ho
Rainier Party, City of Hemlock

Greetings, My name is Lamson Ho, I’m from Hazen High School, and I would love to serve as your next Secretary of State. First and foremost, I love everything about the role of secretary. I serve as the secretary for just about everything at my school, being both JSA and ASB secretary at Hazen. Following my journey as secretary further, I’m also serving as the current Washington FBLA State Secretary. From taking detailed minutes to overseeing official meetings, I enjoy every aspect that the position encompasses. I’m well versed in writing thank you notes (a duty required by the Secretary of State), having written hundreds for the various leadership conferences that FBLA has hosted throughout Washington. I have an incredibly fast typing speed, with an average WPM of 112 and a high of 126, something that greatly aids in taking thorough, comprehensive, and precise notes. With my experience from WAFBLA, I can delegate large events, and will plan carefully for all elections if elected. Other than my positions as secretary, I was the previous Regional Vice President of WAFBLA, Freshman Class President, and Relay for Life Captain. Don’t say no, vote for Ho!

Mr. Antonio Martorano
Adams Party, City of Fir

I was born and raised in Seattle, WA and as of next year I will be a senior at Ballard High School. I am very involved at my school and know the importance of holding elected positions in a student-based government. I am currently the team captain for the Track and Cross Country team, as well as a member of National Honor Society, and a Link Crew Leader. I also serve as the Color Guard Commander and one of the Leading Petty Officers in Seattle’s Premier Sea Cadet unit: Blue Angels Squadron. One of the most important duties of being the Secretary of State is good communication skills when speaking with both the Governor and the people. I am a very approachable and very active person who has experience with communicating between multiple individuals at the same time. I will also be diligent and efficient when recording all state papers between both the Governor and the state Legislature. Furthermore, I will moderate and administrate all state elections once elected. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish not only as a team, but as a government. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy!

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Treasurer.

Mr. Justen Hardaway
Adams Party, City of Maple

2016 bio - justen hardaway

My name is Justen Hardaway and I am running for State Treasurer. I come from the beautiful city of Maple and am apart of the Adam’s party; I am currently serving as the treasure for the Adam’s party. If elected, I will help lead Evergreen state to greatness. I’m very good at math, I finished AP Calculus with an A this year. At my high school, I served as the executive ASB treasurer this past year so I have experience dealing with money and managing balances. Ten out of ten, would recommend. Justen Hardaway for state treasurer.

Mr. Andy Kruse 
Rainier Party, City of Hemlock

My fellow Americans, I am Andy Kruse and I am running to be State Treasurer. Evergreen has many divisions. Cities fight amongst each other in battles of pride, and the two parties continually struggling for superiority. I seek to incorporate as many opinions from all corners of evergreen into my job, functioning by the people, and for the people.  Furthermore, I have a deep understanding of political economy: the relationship between governments and money. I was elected to serve my junior class as treasurer, and elected again serve my senior class this upcoming year. This role as class treasurer has taught me how administrations set budgets and allocate funds. Experiences like these will greatly aid me in making sure Evergreen has a balanced budget. On a final note, I truly believe in comprimise. Our democracy here in Evergreen relies on leaders who focus on the good of the citizens over their own gain. With this in mind I plan to work for all o the citizens of Evergreen, fostering the ideals of democracy and opportunity for all.  Finally my fellow citizens, I ask you chose Andy Kruse for your State Treasurer. Thank you, and God Bless America .

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Commissioner of Public Lands.

Mr. Wyatt Brugge
Rainier Party, City of Fir

If I land this position I will buy and sell the land of the state. I will stay grounded on the issues at hand regarding land, eroding the barriers between landowners and the impoverished. I will not soil the good name of this office. My ethics are like bedrock. Vote Wyatt Brugge

Mr. Owen Landefeld
Adams Party, City of Alder

2016 bio - owen landefeld

From being an Eagle Scout, an avid hiker and lumberjack, and spending a semester at a school is the Vermont forest, I have a love for nature. I think public lands are pretty darn rad, and I would love to commission them. “Land” is literally in my name, and I think that by itself has earned the job.

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Insurance Commissioner.

Mr. James Getchell
Rainier Party, City of Elm

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Attorney General.

Mr. Matthew Hawkins
Rainier Party, City of Alder

Hello! My name is Matthew Hawkins and I am running for the office of State Attorney General. I will be a good Attorney General because I am well versed in the ways that Law Enforcement works as I have worked for the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office as an Explorer for over 3 Years. . While I do not know everything I am willing to learn and Learn every day. I am working on getting my Juris Doctorate from EBSU and I am familiar with both the United states and the EBS Constitutions; and I have taken hours of Courtroom preparation classes and spent over hours in a courtroom during trials. I want to serve the State of Evergreen and there is not a better choice for Attorney General.

Mr. Jack Kelly
Adams Party, City of Hemlock

Hello. My name is Jack Kelly, I am from the small island of Vashon, and I am running for the position of Attorney General.

My background is in debate and student government. I have participated in my school’s ASB for the past 6 years. Most recently I was elected ASB president on the platform of student-faculty communication. I will use this experience as Attorney General as the role aims to facilitate communication between the Judicial branch and the governor. I also have 3 years of experience competing in and judging Policy Debate. In fact, last year I did well enough in circuit tournaments that I qualified and went on to debate at state. In policy debate, teams argue back and forth on a proposed plan. This experience sets me apart from the other candidates as it so closely aligns with the role of Attorney General.

Thank you for reading this spiel of information and I would be honored if you would support my candidacy for Attorney General with your vote.

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Auditor.

Mr. Gunnar Newell
Rainier Party, City of Maple

Hi my name is Gunnar Newell, I am running for State Auditor. I am supposed to provide information about myself to help you to get to ‘know me’. A quick biography on me is I was born in Spokane, WA. currently living in Selah, WA. I am in leading roles in such a myriad of clubs I will only list the pertinent ones: DECA and YVC Business Club. DECA is essentially a business club which I have held various positions in, but I have won first place in the Business Finance event of my region. Consequently I have attended state DECA for this same event as well as Marketing Management. I am the Yakima Valley College (yes college) Business Club Vice president, which is an amazing positions. As far as entertainment I do most everything, from bikes to roller blades, kites to kazoos. However, The most interesting thing I do (I feel) is I prepare for my retirement with a custodial Roth IRA that I manage. If you’ve read this far I feel the best way to gain information about any candidate is to ask them yourselves, so I encourage you to find me and ask me questions about anything.

Mr. Justin Statile
Adams Party, City of Fir

My name is Justin Statile and I am a student at Archbishop Murphy High School. Over the years I have obtained an unusual problem. I commit to so many activities that I almost need to have my own secretary to keep track of all my events. I am very strong in my community outreach, for I love volunteering especially with children who have both physical and mental disabilities. These children are the reason why I am able to comfortably say, I am ready to be that “guy” who blows the whistle on corrupt organizations. I am ready to help stand side by side with the treasurer, to manage funds but also provide a way to stop corrupt organizations.

Besides my duty to community, I am a Boy Scout of America working fast and furious to become an Eagle Scout. I have been a Patrol Leader in my troop and have been a Camp Counselor for years. I play competitive soccer with Crossfire Premier Soccer Club and am able to demonstrate the qualities of a leader both on the field and off the field. I am prepared and ready to take that leap and become the next Evergreen Boys State Auditor.

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Public Instruction.

 No Declared Candidates

The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Supreme Court.


Mr. Kenrick Doherty
City of Fir

Hello, my name is Kenrick Doherty. I am a Native American from the small town of Neah Bay, located on the Olympic Peninsula. I have won 3 state championships, 2 in football and 1 in basketball. On a governmental note, I am a co-founder of our soon to be Makah Tribal Youth Council, which serves as a leadership program that gives youth in my community, ages 14-20, a chance to see how tribal governments are actually ran and will give them an opportunity to actually run for office. Also, I have previously attended several government meetings such as NCAI meetings, which is the largest Native American governing body in the United States, I have attended Native American Caucus meetings, and also have toured the Capitol Building and Temple of Justice, which are located in Olympia. Also, I have met Governor Jay Inslee twice before. I plan to make EBS a successful place for all of us! Thank you so much and vote for me for Supreme Court Justice!

Mr. Andrew Erickson
City of Elm

My name is Andrew Erickson and I would consider myself an excellent candidate for Supreme Court of EBS. I enjoy spending my time with my goats because they are so cute. I am very responsible and I feed my goats every day or else they will be very angry with me. Be a G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time) and vote for me 🙂

 Mr. Josh Winter
City of Alder

I come from Burlington Washington where i attend Burlington-Edison High school as well as participate in the local NJROTC program. I am currently a senior in the program as well as next years Commanding Officer. The program as taught me about leadership, responsibility, and dedication to whatever task I have and no matter what i always have and always will deliver the best and fairest results. I have been in many difficult situations but no matter what I have always made the right choice for those situations even if its not the most popular. there is no doubt in my mind that if i’m on the supreme court that you, the great people of the State of Evergreen, will be in good hands.

 Mr. Jarred Wicks
City of Fir

My name is Jarred Wicks and I am entering my senior year at Hazen High School this fall. During my first three years at Hazen I have accomplished the following: three time academic scholar athlete, twice named outstanding science student for the school, Spirit of the Highlander Character award recipient, three time class senator, two time varsity letter winner, Kilt Crew captain for football team, founder and president of Native American Club, elected Highlander Club President (ASB Office), extensive community service volunteer, peer conflict resolution experience.

I feel I am qualified for this position due to my extensive experience in dealing with complex problems. I am very dedicated to upholding the constitution and maintaining fair and just laws. I have always been interested in history and the law and understanding how our constitution works to empower, protect and hold us accountable as American citizens.

 Mr. Hunter Cofer
City of Elm

I’m Hunter Cofer of the city of Elm. If you’re looking for someone who has loads of history in a government based setting, that isn’t me. But if you think that a motivated person with a strong sense of morals and a great work ethic would be an ideal supreme court justice, then I’m your guy. I’m a three sport athlete and I’ve lettered in Football, Wrestling and Lacrosse. I’ve made honor roll the past three semesters and I am a very good student. I’ve learned that anyone can acquire anything they want, they just have to be motivated enough to do it. I have the motivation, and I am the best candidate for the Supreme Court.

 Mr. Kaleb Ruff
City of Maple

2016 bio - kaleb ruff

I am a faithful, dedicated, and responsible delegate who tries to separate himself from all possible bias. I am mature in my actions and attitude. You might see me participating by listening or just sitting silently but do not let my shy persona dissuade you. I seek to bring justice to EBS and will do so justly one civil/criminal case at a time. I’m no Batman, but when it comes down to serving justice, I am the next best bet. Make sure constitutional justice is guaranteed here at Evergreen and vote for me.

 Mr. Peter Faber
City of Birch

Hello, fellow citizens of Evergreen! I’m Peter Faber, a proud resident of the great city Birch and a potential candidate for Supreme Court Justice. First, a bit about me: I’m the executive officer of my Marine Corps JROTC unit, I achieved the rank of Eagle Scout last June, and am the current Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for my Boy Scout troop. I also a cross country runner and just finished my term as ASB president for my school. I love the outdoors, music, and opportunities to be a servant-leader. Now, why am I a good candidate for a Supreme Court Justice nomination? The Scout Oath opens with “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty…” The promise of every Boy Scout regarding all aspects of his life, this is my promise to the state of Evergreen and its residents. As a Justice, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the law is understood and defined as how it was intended—impartial and favoring no one over another. Through leadership opportunities I have been blessed with, I’ve learned that respect for law is the foundation of a servant-leader and citizen. Thank you, and vote Faber!

Mr. Tanner Bush
City of Hemlock

My name is Tanner Bush and I’m running for Supreme Court Justice. I am involved in a wide variety of activities that allow me to develop my leadership and reasoning skills. I am an active participant in Boy Scouts and am currently an Eagle Scout. I am a senior officer at my church and work in a myriad of community service opportunities. I have practiced in karate for 13 years and two of those years I served on the Jr. U.S. National Team. I am also an investigative aide for the liquor control and cannabis board where I have developed strong people skills. All of these activities allow me to be the most effective leader possible. I am a nonpartisan candidate who looks at issues from a objective point of view. I am proud to represent Boys State in the Supreme Court and tackle all issues to the fullest of my ability.

Mr. Patrick Zecchino
City of Birch

2016 bio - patrick Zecchino

Hello i’m from a large farm in Granger Washington where I have been working every summer since I was 11. I definitely learned hard work from all the hours behind a shovel but i also learned effective, quick decision making. By finishing my days work as fast as I can while still maintaining excellent work quality. I also have a great understanding of the US constitution. I finished my American History and Civics course top of my class with a final exam score of 99%. As a Supreme Court Justice I will be able to make concise, knowledgeable rulings. Plus I’ve seen a lot of Judge Judy.

Mr. Brady Black
City of Fir

2016 bio - brady black

I was born on the east side of the state, in a nice city named Pasco. Of course now I live in Fir, which rivals Pasco as best city. I am a great debater, and also try to make a fair decision. While I can be a goof, I can also be very swift and decisive, qualities a judge must have. If you vote for me, just know you’re making the right choice. Thank you

Mr. Austin Buchanan
City of Alder

I have several qualities shown through my positions held that make me qualified for the position of Supreme Court Justice. For one, I am the battalion Executive Officer in my NJROTC unit in Marysville. This job involves keeping a staff of 28 on task to ensure the battalion of over 150 stays running smoothly. This job requires an unbiased view on all those staff members and this skill will be pivotal to this position. I also currently serve on the senior class cabinet for my school. This job requires looking from the perspective of every senior at our school in order to make a good decision and not be biased towards any specific group of people. I am also great at the most important skill for any job, time management. This past year, I took 2 AP classes, held a staff position in NJROTC, volunteered at church, and ran track all in the same year. I thank you for your vote and hope you have an outstanding day!

Mr. Cameron Grant
City of Birch

Hello everyone. I’m the trumpet guy, but I’m not here to just play my instrument. If I wanted to play my instrument, I would’ve just stayed home. I’m here to make a difference in the state of Evergreen. After taking the oath Sunday we swore that it was our obligation to participate in and contribute our efforts to the civic and political welfare of our community, state, and nation. I feel that I can contribute to our great nation of Evergreen, in this way, as a Supreme Court Justice. I’m experienced in peer mediation, and being a person who believes strongly in fairness and equality I feel this position suits me most because of that. Upon election I will ensure that my skills and all of my attention for the rest of the week is focused on the court, and doing so in a manner that is both efficient and fair to the people directly and indirectly related to any manners concerning the court. Thank you for your consideration.

Mr. John Sommer
City of Elm

I was born on June 6th 1999 in Seattle Washington. I am the oldest of 5 kids. I am an very ethically stable person who knows what is right. With this said, I like to have fun. My father and both grandfathers were pastors. It is because if this facade of my life, I have such a respect for my God and am such a believer in ethics. I truly believe that we live in the Greatest Country In The World… America!!!! I will make logical decisions and will serve you. Here at Boys State, I WILL NOT HAVE BIASES!!!!!! Your opinions will be heard! So… Don’t be a bummer and vote Sommer for Evergreen Boy’s State Supreme Court Justice!

Mr. Richard Torres
City of Birch

Hello, my name is Ricky Torres and I am running for the Evergreen State Supreme Court. Having a background rooted in service and experience allows me to see the State’s problems through a multi-faceted lens. I have been a class representative in my school’s ASB each year and was elected as the president of the National Honor Society last year, and most recently re-elected for the position for this coming school year. Also, I recently took part in a fundraiser for the Clark County Food Bank in which we raised $62,000 over the course of 5 months for the less fortunate in my community. I have been able to experience serving the needs of the local citizens within my community, along with having the unique opportunity to go on numerous ride alongs with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department and sit through Superior Court proceedings also under Clark Country’s Jurisdiction. Being elected would provide me with the ability to uphold the Constitution of the United States and abiding by all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to any applicable case. It would be an honor to serve as one of the 9 Supreme Court Justices and I look forward to working with the entire state of Evergreen.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!