The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Governor.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

“The Governor is the Chief Executive officer of the State He is obligated to see that the laws are faithfully executed, is Commander in Chief of the Military and Naval forces of the State, and may call out such forces to execute the laws. He has three means of controlling or influencing the legislature: the veto, the calling of special sessions, and the sending of a message to each session of the legislature. He has direct supervision over all matters relating to the preparation of the State budget. The governor may grant reprieves, pardons, and commutations of sentences or remissions of fines. He makes appointments to fill vacancies occurring in any of the other executive offices or among US Senators or Representatives, Superior or Supreme Court Judges, or Supreme Court Justices and in certain county offices. He appoints many of the heads and members of departments, boards, or committees, which make up the administration branch of our State government.

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The Governor is the highest officer and chief official. He will preside over the Joint Session of the Legislature, discussing important matters before the State and recommending what he thinks is desirable legislation. He and his staff will prepare at least five bills for the legislature pertaining to the betterment of the State. He and staff will lobby for enactment of said Bills. He will also announce all his appointments to office at the Joint Session.

The governor will give speeches at the opening and closing of joint sessions of government, banquet and give press releases during session. The Governor will review all bills and sign them before they become laws. He will preside over and give a final legislative report to the people.

In addition the Governor will be the official representative for The American Legion Evergreen Boys State and will represent the program when requested to. He will attend, and give a report to The American Legion Department of Washington Convention or MidWinter Conference, upon request of The American Legion Department of Washington Commander.”

Mr. Hayden Grimmett
Adams Party, City of Elm

Hayden Grimmett is an aspiring young candidate who wants to be your 2016 EBS Governor. Hayden comes from a military-oriented background with most of the men in his family having contributed to the service, teaching him to keep an austere attitude yet a cool composure and vital leadership skills at such a tender age. He moved to Washington State when he was 10 years old and has lived there ever since. With this move he had to learn at a young age that adaptability was necessary in order to be successful in life. Since then, he has been actively involved in JROTC at his high school and has achieved the prestigious rank of O-3 in his cadet corps. The road to how he achieved this highly respected position is a long and exhausting one.

First, he planned and executed the Annual EQC Taste of Tacoma event and was in charge of over 500+ vehicles and fitting them into a nearby parking lot. In addition, he has tirelessly worked over 350 hours of community service, showing that he cares for the well-being of his community. Also, he has been recognized by national organizations such as the Theodore Roosevelt Youth Society, the AMVETS Organization, and the Military Order of the World Wars for his accomplishments in the fields of motivation and leadership. He currently leads a platoon of 30+ cadets and is the captain of the Physical Fitness and Orienteering Team which he helped take to regional, state and national competition along with being involved in varsity sports. These factors have all contributed to his ability to lead a community of promising, young citizens to a bright future and asks for your vote in the 2016 election.

“Whatever it is I will do, I will do it thinking of you!”
~Hayden Grimmett

Mr. Ahmad Jumper
Adams Party, City of Fir

2016 bio - ahmad jumper

My name is Ahmad Jamal Jumper and I’m a junior at Steilacoom High School. I just recently moved to Washington from Ohio, where I had lived for the past 16 years. At Steilacoom High School, I was recently elected to be the 2017 class president. I was also on the football team where I was awarded 1st team all league linebacker, and defensive MVP. I was wrestling team captain and placed 6th at the state tournament. I’d really appreciate the opportunity to represent Evergreen as its Governor.

Mr. Jacob Simmons
Adams Party, City of Maple

Hi! My name is Jacob and I’ve been infatuated with government for as long as I can remember. In fact, the only thing that is more important to me is meeting new people. I can honestly say that EBS has been the perfect opportunity for both of those things, lending to both my passions and prior experiences. While the past isn’t essential in a potential governor, my role as a founder in my school’s debate team and status as a two time national championship congressional debate competitor is a clear indicator of both leadership and drive towards the political scene. With three years of practice in parliamentary procedure (Roberts Rules) I am thrilled to have a chance to promote a more inclusive, inviting, and efficient atmosphere. Your voice matters! Come say hi! I’d love to meet you 🙂

Mr. Christian Domingos
Adams Party, City of Hemlock

Hello fellow brothers, My legal name is Christian Erin Gardener- Domingos, but usually I go by Christian Domingos. The reason for this is I live with only one parent; my mother. In this case, I sometimes get asked if that really effects me. I usually answer “I don’t know” because how could someone know. While, would I be at Boys State, or Leadership if I did. While being pushed to grow up little faster, just to help around the house, has me look at bigger and better. Being pushed holds me to be determined, committed, and persevere through what I put my mind too. Being push help me become president at Chiawana Highschool for 3 years, and also for upcoming. Being pushed means that I will give my all to the governor position.

Mr. Benjamin Chung
Adams Party, City of Birch

Who is Benjamin Chung?” they say. Well, let me introduce myself in saying that I am the person to understand two cultures, Korean and American, speak three languages, Korean, English, and Japanese, and also being open minded for anyone’s voices. Heck, some even know me by “Chung money.” I have paged in Washington state at Olympia, where I have partaken in creating bills, passing bills, listening to opinions, and other actions of which the executive, judicial, and legislative branch have to do daily. I am a firm believer of everyone’s opinion where unity will create strength and acceptance will create peace and tranquility. Not only with paging, but I have also been at the Naval Academy over a week to introduce who I am. Within the week of participation, I have encouraged people who may have fallen or have thought of giving up during physical training, even with my own physical limitation for the lack of strength and fatigue though the same training. I have also strongly believed, and still do believe, that no man must be left behind, because one creates all. Indeed, this seems like a boring spiel of military life, however, it is a necessity of creating a strong state, where because I understand unity and sympathy of pain where I put this mentality into action. Because of this, I believe that I am the future representative as governor for this fine state of Evergreen.

Overall, because I understand what it means to be a leader, participating in the naval academy, believing to leave no man behind, and previously partaking in a past government program, it would be an honor to serve, representing everyone within the beautiful green state of Evergreen Boys State.

Long Live Evergreen Boys State!

Mr. Ryan Vance
Rainier Party, City of Birch

Ryan Vance was born in Olympia, Washington on November 3rd, 1998. After moving from south to north, and finally back to south, Ryan lives in a large family of nine. One brother, 19, has moved out and is attending WSU this fall. His parents both work incredibly hard to provide for his family, which requires him to constantly be there to take care of his younger siblings, seeing as he is currently the oldest. Due to his family needing him at all times, this has prevented him from taking leadership positions in and out of high school. The exception being that he was a JV Wrestling captain for his freshman year. Everyday, Ryan takes care of three young children who are seven, five and three. They are the three youngest children in the family, and he has dedicated much of his middle school and high school career to caring for them in dire times, in some cases even missing school in order to be there for his family. From being the caretaker of these children, he has learned valuable skills that make him a great leader. When it comes to making compromises, he is skilled in this as he is often the one to divide things up to make all three parties happy. When defusing a tight situation, he knows how to calm down all parties and get them back to the same level. He does not view himself above these children, but works at the same level as these children in order to figure out what must be accomplished. Ryan may not have the same credentials as others, but what he has is the love and care for the people who is proud and excited to be around. He fights hard and gives it his all to accomplish the best.

Mr. Jacob Shank
Rainier Party, City of Fir

Hello my name is Jacob Shank from Moses Lake High School in Moses Lake. I have taken AP tests for human geography, European history and music theory, and I have passed all of them. This past year I took AP literature, biology, calculus bc, and US history. I have been on the knowledge bowl team that won the 4A state championship. I am a member of key club and treasurer of honors society. Freshman year I was on the Wenatchee hockey team that took 3rd at state. Also I play the alto saxophone in our jazz 1 and clarinet in our wind ensemble. Working as an official for hockey, football, basketball, baseball and softball, has given me experience in authority positions and dealing with the disruptive masses. Also this has showed me the importance of admiring your mistake. I believe all these experiences that make up my life give me the qualities to lead as Governor of evergreen.

Mr. Grant Pierson
Adams Party, City of Birch

Dear EBS Bros, You may know me as the man in the Hawaiian shirt on campus, but this biography is merely to inform you that I am here for much more than just enjoying the sun. I attend Sequim High School, located on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula, and am currently the elected ASB Executive Tech for my school. Furthermore, I hold recognition as #1 in my class; a class size of approximately 215 students. I have also participated in other leadership conferences such as RYLA and West Point S.L.E. Outside the school I am an active member in my local youth group as a middle school leader, as well as a participant in the high school youth group. Annually, our church travels to Mexico to aide at a local orphanage with projects and to be with the kids. Finally, I am a Boy Scout, currently a Life Scout. Not only scuba certified, but have completed a multitude of multi-day hikes, and enjoy the landscape of the outdoors. Being a Life Scout, I am working on my Eagle Project- which is leading the construction of a multi-purpose shed for my local American Legion Post No. 62. I enjoy challenges, and running for Governor is an excellent position that will allow me to use my full potential by inspiring others attending EBS through servant leadership. In conclusion, I am looking towards attending the United States Military Academy, and majoring in economics. Hooo-rah!! Go for Gold… Grant for Governor.

Mr. Joe Koffel
Rainier Party, City of Birch

Hey guys, my name’s Joe Koffel. I’ve met a lot of you, but there’s still a good amount of people I’ve yet to meet! Let’s change that! I’m from Republic, up in the far northeastern corner of our state. What makes me capable to be your Governor? First off, I’m proud to say I represent the Rainer Party as their Party Chair! I’m a 3 year varsity state debate competitor having competed in Congressional Debate, Improv, Dual Interp. and several others. This year, I was my school’s General ASB Vice President. I have the experience and the know how to run an effective government as your Evergreen Boys State Governor. The Rainer Party showed their faith and trust in me to be their Party Chair. For all of you Adams members reading this, at this point, we don’t even know if we have significant political differences besides our names, so I ask you to look past our party lines and to consider me as your best candidate for the job. I ask you to trust in my skill set, my ability to compromise, my willingness to work between parties, and my leadership capabilities to be your EBS 2016 Governor. For any Rainer members reading, I ask you many of the same things, but I also ask you to have faith in not only me, but the Rainer party. I firmly believe if we are able to compromise, to collaborate, and work together between our two parties we can run such an effective government that our Evergreen Boys State class will be talked about for years to come. Our success will be our legacy. If you’re like me, and want to be a part of that legacy, please, I ask you to vote Joe Koffel as your EBS Governor. Thank you.

Mr. Andrew Hansen
Rainier Party, City of Alder

Andrew Hansen is 17 years old and totally jazzed to be here at EBS and running for governor. With a father with a degree in political science, and a grandfather for a city councilman, Andrew has grown up with government and politics since he was a wee lad. And he intends to carry that passion for policy forward. At Windward High School, Andrew spent the past year serving as a representative in the school ASB, and eventually became Vice President of the organization. He will serve as an executive for the ASB in the coming year as well. In addition, the 3 years he has spent learning about law through the Mock Trial team has bolstered his public speaking skills, trained his discipline, and taught him about teamwork, leadership, and motivation. This past year, Andrew served as the Mock Trial clubs treasurer, helping take Mock Trial from deficit, to prosperity. Yet another program Andrew participates in is the Whatcom County Teen Court program. He has spent 3 years serving as a member of the selective Student Advisory Board, and has prosecuted/defended at least a dozen juvenile offenders. This past year, he was also admitted as a Teen Court judge. In his free time, Andrew plays guitar, watches Game of Thrones, and piña coladas. And getting caught in the rain.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!