A Week That Shapes a Lifetime!

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What is Evergreen Boys State?

Evergreen Boys State provides a relevant, interactive, problem-solving experience in leadership and teamwork that develops self-identity, promotes mutual respect and instills civic responsibility. We accomplish this through a mock-government built and led by the students in the program. Through the process, students can earn college-credit and scholarships, meet new friends and develop new skills.

What does it cost to attend?

Program tuition fees are completely paid for by the American Legion and other supporting organizations. This covers all the meals and housing for your son for the week. The only cost to students/parents is a $125 registration fee. Students can bring a small amount of money if they would like to buy snacks at the Boys State Store (snacks and candy sold at cost rather than inflated vending machine prices) and there is traditionally a fun pizza party at the end of the week where students pool money to buy pizzas and soda in their city group. $20 to $25 should be more than enough for them to buy pizza, a couple snacks and have money left over. But again, they don’t NEED to bring any money to the program. We take care of all meals and supplies while they are at the program.

If my son is not selected for program tuition fee sponsorship by a local post, may I pay for my son to attend the program?

Participation in Evergreen Boys State is by invitation only through an application and selection process. This process varies slightly throughout the state based on the needs of individual communities and American Legion Posts. Because the tuition fees are paid by the local American Legion Posts, or on occasion another community organization, the number of students a local Post may invite to attend and pay for could be limited based on the amount of money available in a given year. IF your son is eligible to attend and otherwise meets all selection criteria of a local Post who has exhausted other funds to send students, parents/grandparents may make a donation to the American Legion to cover the tuition fees for their son with the cooperation and agreement of the local Boys State Chairman. The tuition fees are $275 in addition to the $125 registration fee. This may be done only for a son/grandson. Groups, organizations and other donors sponsoring students through a local American Legion Post, may NOT designate which student receives the funding.

What are the living arrangements?

Students are housed in small cabin-style dormitories. Rooms typically house three to five students, with a few large “bunk style” areas where eight to ten will sleep in a common area. All rooms come with all the bed sheets and linen. Each building has multiple bathrooms and shower facilities that are shared by everyone in that building. Rooms come with a closet/and dresser for each person and all the bed sheets and linen.

What are the meals like?

The food is generally very good. Meals are prepared by the Warm Beach Conference Center dining services and we eat in one of the main dining room. All meals are cafeteria style and there are generally a couple of options of food at each meal. Meals range from hamburgers and fries to chicken stir-fry to spaghetti.

My son has special dietary needs. Can those be accommodated?

Yes. Warm Beach Conference Center dining services is very good about working with students on this. Students will have an opportunity to let EBS Staff know about any allergies or special needs and the chefs will make sure to help guide students through available options. The student just needs to make sure to be clear about what he needs. This doesn’t mean students who simply don’t like something on the menu can request a special meal, but if there is a medical/dietary need for the student it can be taken care of.

What kind of supervision does the program have for students?

Part of our philosophy at Boys State is to hold students accountable for their own actions in preparation for college or the next phase of their life, so we won’t hand-hold or “baby-sit” students while they are here. We do provide plenty of supervision for students during the program and we try to make our expectations of appropriate behavior very clear so ensure everyone has a good experience at the program. We have a staff of nearly 50 people and each staff member is assigned a small group to watch over. Typically there are 2-3 staff members supervising around 25 students. The entire staff is also trained in emergency preparedness. We also work closely with Warm Beach Conference Center to ensure everyone’s safety while on in attendance.

My son has a medical condition that you should know about, what should I do?

You will fill out a medical information form as part of the registration process before your son arrives at the program. You should note any medical conditions there. These may include things like asthma, allergies or prescription medications he is taking. A physical examination by a physician is NOT required, but applicants must meet normal health standards and complete the application questionnaire. Special needs students are accepted, however, any special considerations for these students will be at the expense of the sponsoring organization or the citizen. Is medical care available while my son is at the program?

Yes. We do not have a daily sick call, rather if your son is ill or injured he should notify his city instructor. First aid and or medical attention, if required, will be available. Every care will be taken to avoid accidents and prevent illness, but The American Legion Evergreen Boys State Inc. will not be responsible for either injuries or sickness should they occur. Local health care is available as required or requested.

Does the program carry insurance in case of injuries or accidents?

Yes, we do have a supplemental insurance policy. This policy, however, is secondary to any personal medical insurance your family may have.

What is the policy towards drugs and alcohol?

Quite simply they are not tolerated. Any student who is found using or in possession of drugs or alcohol will be sent home immediately. Students should also be aware that tobacco use of any kind is prohibited at Warm Beach Conference Center. Also, we are required to involve local law enforcement in any illegal activities that happen and students may face criminal consequences

How can my son get college credit or earn a college scholarship?

All information about college credits and scholarships is available on the Evergreen Boys State website. You can earn about the college credits by clicking here. And you can learn about the college scholarships by clicking here. It should be noted that the Samsung Scholarship Application DEADLINE is the first (1st) City Meeting at Evergreen Boys State. This is a very firm deadline and no exceptions will be made for any reason. Mailed or faxed applications are not accepted. Any further questions about scholarship instructions should to the Director’s Office at: director@EvergreenBoysState.org

Can I come visit my son at Evergreen Boys State?

Sure. There are just a couple rules, though. All visitors must check-in at the Boys State office prior to going to see students. Students must attend all assigned activities and functions. And, all visitors must stay in common areas of the assigned buildings – visitors are not allowed in student bedrooms. The best option is for you to attend EBS Family Day. Click here for more information about EBS Family Day.

How can I reach my son while he’s at Evergreen Boys State?

Students are not allowed to use their cell phones during program functions, so during the day it may be hard to reach them on a cell phone. They can always call you back during their free time (typically breakfast, lunch, dinner or late at night). If it is an emergency you can always call the Boys State office. We will publish contact information for the office on our website once the program begins. If you would like to send a card or care package while your son is a way we’ll also publish the address once the program is running and we have that information.

When should I plan on picking my son up?

You can pick your son up at the end of the closing program on Saturday. This is a breakfast meeting for students and we typically finish around 11 a.m. or slightly later. You are welcome to attend this function and sit in the back, but we can’t provide breakfast for you. And the students won’t be allowed to leave until they are released by their city instructor and all business is finished though, so don’t try to push them to leave early.

What should my son bring with him to the program?

He should plan on packing clothes for temperatures in the low 60’s to the mid 80’s. Early summer weather can be unpredictable. He’ll want to make sure to have a comfortable pair of athletic shoes, as he’ll be doing a lot of walking. Also make sure to pack semi-formal business clothes, including a tie and possibly a sport coat, as there are several times through the week when he will be required to be in a shirt and tie. All bed sheets and linens are provided for the week, but he should plan on bringing a towel for the shower. It is also recommended that he bring some shower shoes/flip-flops. Make sure he brings toiletry items like toothpaste, shampoo, soap, shaving supplies, etc. If he would like to bring some snacks he can, but all meals will be provided.

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