Mr. Alula Asfaw


State Auditor:
Mr. Ethan Piraino


Secretary of State:
Mr. Daniel Lauer


Commissioner of Public Lands:
Mr. Darin Strickland


Attorney General:
Mr. Keith Thomas


State Insurance Commissioner:
Mr. Sean Noste


State Treasurer:
Mr. Michael Berry


Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Mr. John Marples

2002 Governor’s Message

To the distinguished members and staff of the 2002 Evergreen Boys State.It has been my pleasure to serve you as Governor. Thank you for your support of my administration and the confidence you have bestowed on me.

This week has been filled with success, failures and long lasting life lessons. I personally have grown immensely as a citizen of the State of Washington.

The ability to form and run our own government is an honor we should all be proud of.

The American Legion’s unselfish investment for the young men of Washington is an honorable act of service I will remember for a lifetime.

As we reenter the real world, I urge you all to draw on the experiences we have had this week. Apply the lessons you have learned about life to your future.

My life long thanks goes out to the staff of the 2002 Evergreen Boys State. Your hard work and commitment to each of the citizens of Boys State is commendable, and something I will never forget.


Mr. Alula Asfaw
The Honorable Alula Asfaw, Governor
The American Legion Evergreen Boys State
The American Legion Department of Washington

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