Party Officials

Mr. Dylan Preble

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Steven Johnson

Mr. Mike Moore

Mr. Aaron Siedel

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Kent Van Alstyne

Lobby Chairman:
Mr. Logan Hilkin

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Eric McDaniel

County Chairman:
Mr. Elliot Erickson
Mr. Josh Tyack
Mr. Brian Starnes
Mr. Eric Johnson


2003 Party Platform

Party Ideal: We believe that it is the paramount duty of government to make life safe for its people, to provide them with education, and to listen to their wishes.

Pollution: More strict regulations on industrial waste and tax breaks for businesses that exceed standards.

Education: Smaller class sizes, more requirements for qualifications to ensure capabilities, and higher wages.

Transportation: More mass transit, more HOV lanes, and more road repair.

Marijuana: Decriminalizing the drug by making it an offence punished with a fine instead of jail time, creating more funds through fines and saving money through less inmates.

Pro Union: Pass bills to assist in the formation of worker’s unions and protecting their rights.

Human Services: More EMT and Fire Department funding.

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