Party Officials

Mr. Andrew Engelhard

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Ryan Johnston

Mr. Monty Norris

Mr. Jordan Shepherd

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Chris Haas

Lobby Chairman:
Mr. Willem Jongejan

Convention Chairman:
Mr. James Foxcurran

Platform Chairman:
Mr. James Stebbins

Cascade County Chairman:
Mr. Ryan Cadwell

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. Jeff Marcoux

Palouse County Chairman:
Mr. Peter Larson

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Jeremy Rosenman


2003 Party Platform

Party Ideal: To provide for better education and support the environment in every way possible.

Increase Environmental Outlook
Better Education
Clean up Hanford
New Gas Tax for fuel-inefficient cars
Make college costs tax deductible
Better health care
Raise tobacco tax
Tax breaks on fuel efficient cars
Support Industry
Endorse new forms of transportation

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