Party Officials

Mr. Preston Prendergast

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Robert Van Leuven

Mr. Derek Lactaoen

Mr. Reed Michaelsen

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Kramer Ortman

Convention/Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Riley Abel

County Platform Rep. (Cascade):
Mr. Chris Nielsen

County Platform Rep. (Columbia):
Mr. Seth Mcdonald

County Platform Rep. (Palouse):
Mr. Jordan Bergstrom

County Platform Rep. (Puget):
Mr. Christopher Birge

2006 Party Platform

  1. We are strongly for city and county cleanliness.
  2. We are for an increase in state funding for counties.
  3. We strongly desire stricter crime laws.
  4. We strongly support education and educational institutions.
  5. We strongly favor restrictions in budgets and financial efficiency.
  6. We desire less government regulation on business.
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