Party Officials

Mr. Evan Miller

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Michael Bertschinger

Mr. Alex Emry

Mr. Alex Petrie

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Shaun Callahan

Convention/Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Tyler Woodward

County Platform Rep. (Cascade):
Mr. Sam Newell

County Platform Rep. (Columbia):
Mr. Josh Clayton

County Platform Rep. (Palouse):
Mr. Charles Garcia

County Platform Rep. (Puget):
Mr. Sam Lungren

2006 Party Platform

  • Pro environmental health
  • Pro choice
  • Pro preschool reform and adoption of International Science Standards of education
  • Anti gun control
  • Pro death penalty
  • Hands on government and economy
  • Pro social service
  • No amnesty for illegal immigration
  • Pro separation of church and state
  • Pro public transportation
  • Pro assisted suicide
  • Anti Gay Rights Reform
  • Less taxes
  • Anti affirmative action
  • Pro Coed State
  • Pro Otter Pops
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