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Party Officials

Mr. Matt Schedler

Vice Chairman:
Mr. William Goss

Mr. Tanner Moffatt

Mr. Michael Northrup

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Anthony Harrell

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Bryan Dosono

Cascade County Chairman:
Mr. Terry Fletcher

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. Dylan Fate

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Cory Miller

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2007 Nationalist Party Platform

1. Veteran Health Care
2. Research: HIV/AIDS cures
3. Standardized Healthcare

1. Education: Standard Education, Equal Opportunity Education
2. Gay Marriage, Civil Rights
3. Affirmative Action
4. Longer Sentences for repeat criminals

1. Taxes on big companies
2. Net worth taxation
3. Tax the wealthier more than the less fortunate

1. More enviornmentally conservative
2. Keeping Evergreen, green
3. Renewable energy, research, tax breaks


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