Party Officials

Mr. Zachary Acker

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Joshua Deal

Mr. Taylor Dunn

Mr. Sam Shoemaker

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Jack Lorence

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Ian Marsanyi

Lobbying Chairman:
Mr. Joe Davison

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Michael Patterson

Cascade County Chairman:
Mr. Jason Huntley

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. Nathan Corke

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Andrew Bastidas

Palouse County Chairman:
Mr. Ryan Vossbrink


2008 Federalist Party Platform

  • Large involvement of government in social issues
  • Small influence and involvement of government in private business
  • Against the no child left behind act
  • Against the WASL
  • Pro open campus at all high school
  • Pro Improvement of public and technical School
  • Pro gun control with the intent of safety
  • Healthcare assistance (exponential) to low income citizens
  • Pro death penalty
  • Pro strict enforcement for sex crimes
  • Pro Gay marriage
  • Pro legalization of marijuana
  • More General freedoms for Boys at Evergreen Boy’s State


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