Party Officials

Mr. Nathan Brand

Vice Chairman:
Mr. Lucas Shores

Mr. David Ihlan

Mr. Tyler Spear

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Pete Brennand

Platform Chairman:
Mr. Micahel Harry

Columbia County Chairman:
Mr. John Mehlhaff

Puget County Chairman:
Mr. Daniel Purkepyle


2010 Party Platform

Energy: Cheap, Renewable Energy

  • Gradual Shift to clean energy. Business requirement of 15% new clean energy by 2015
  • Nuclear power – next generation technology
  • Support offshore drilling and natural gas – expand and continue to regulate

Education: Advocate for lower dropout rates with new school programs

  • Standardized curriculum in state to give fair assessment of student abilities
  • Fund higher education. Keep state university costs low.

Marijuana: legalize, regulate, tax

  • Age requirement – must be 19 to buy or smoke marijuana
  • Free up jail space – free or shorten sentences of convicts with a marijuana related crime
  • Strict enforcement of marijuana laws

Capital Punishment: No more death penalty to save the state money

  • Find new solutions to punishing criminals


  • Internet is a necessity
  • Creates jobs and advances technology

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