What I learned from Rob McKenna…

“The highlight of Evergreen Boys State was Mr. McKenna’s address. His political insight and legal knowledge remains an impressive memorial of an excellent citizen.”
— Mr. Lincoln Hammond, City of Cedar”I learned some different views on the health care situation. Also procedure of debate.”
— Mr. Nicholas Estrada, City of Cedar”It is important to explore and analyze both sides of a constitutional argument. Usually, both sides have substantial grounds fro an argument. The cases are usually determined by different/conflicting values in the constitution.”
— Mr. Maximilian Breitbarth, City of Hemlock”Rob McKenna was able to engage us by actually encouraging us to debate on a real issue. He also got us to really think about how government works.”
— Mr. Delfin Buyco, City of Pine

“I liked the involvement with us. He wanted to hear what we personally had to say about his efforts.”
— Mr. John Corley, City of Pine

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