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What I learned from Fang Wong…

“I actually learned a lot about the Vietnam War because I have never heard someone speak about it from experience. I really enjoyed the speech and learned National Commander Fang Wong is a very interesting man.
— Mr. Alex Downs, City of Cedar

“National Commander Fang Wong was very inspiring and spoke to us with vigor and with an intent of purpose. He spoke on our level and created a friendly environment.”
— Mr. Jonathan Sugihara, City of Fir

“National Commander Fang Wong was a true honor to have at Boys State, because having someone with so much praise and respect for where he came from and what he stands for. Fang Wong had a great message of serving your country and how the American Legion changed his life and his motivation to give back.”
— Mr. Wade Whitton, City of Birch

“I learned the value and the commitment that all Americans have, whether you are foreign born or domestic. When serving in the military you fight for the men beside you.”
— Mr. Rigel Keller, City of Cedar

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