Party Officials

Chris Zantek

Michael Bervell

Convention Chairman:
Payton Thornton

Platform Chairman:
Daniel Godfrey

Cascade County Chairman:
Alexander Haynes

Columbia County Chairman:
Mitch Jamison

Puget County Chairman:
Preston Williams


2014 Party Platform 

  • Pro Zombie protection
  • Pro environmentalism (liberal leaning)
  • No Zombie policy
  • Pro-Social security reform to promote expansion
  • Pro lowering student loans (conservative leaning)
  • Pro providing money for college (federal & state loans)
  • Pro private sector (conservative learning)
  • Reform cartoon network to be more classic
  • Pro goats for healthy alternatives
  • Pro death star for protection
  • Pro marijuana (liberal learning)
  • Pro more access to welfare programs (liberal leaning)
  • Pro immigration reform (liberal leaning)


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