Puget County is comprised of the Great Cities of Alder and Fir

puget county cropped

Left to Right: Dylan Strehle, Joshua Horning, Yuriy Sushchik, James Wyman, Cesar Felix, Bob Stoddard

Puget Exec. Yuriy Sushchik cropped

County Executive Mr. Yuriy Sushchik

Puget Judge Joshua Horning cropped

Superior Court Judge Mr. Joshua Horning

County Council – Mr. Alex Capi, Mr. Will Holbert, Mr. Garret Lowe, Mr. Alec Waters

County Auditor – Mr. Cesar Felix


Elected Officials of the Superior Court

Prosecuting Attorney – Mr. Dylan Strehle

County Clerk – Mr. James Wyman

County Sheriff – Mr. Bob Stoddard


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