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Ty Trenary, Snohomish County Sheriff, spoke with the delegates of Evergreen Boys State Monday morning.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Official Website


     “What I learned from Mr. Ty Trenary….”

“I learned about leadership and how important it is to connect with the people you are looking out for.  I also leaned how the sheriff has to work with many different organization to accomplish tasks like rescue missions.”
-Cameron Blecha, City of Juniper

“I felt the sheriff wasn’t really giving a speech but was just in a regular conversation between himself and the audience.  This helped me be relaxed but attentive and not get bored.  I also liked the large amount of time allotted for questions from the audience.    I felt the sheriff answered them quite well.”
-Stenn Monson, City of Fir

“After hearing Sheriff Trenary speak, I learned a lot more about the clear distinction of structure in city, county and state police forces.  Moreover, my eyes were opened to the potential issues that arise when these groups work together.  For example, the sheriff referenced both the benefits and drawbacks of the Oso landslide.  This, I  believe, was the most valuable learning experience.”
-Michael Bervell, City of Hemlock


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