Row 1Gabe Judd (Staff), Nic Jensen (Staff), Mike Buss (Staff), Siam Owen, Brennan Dour, Kevin Lee, Ramiro Garcia, Matthew Doggett, Nikoly Andrade, Carl Cain, Jacob Mendoza, Nehemiah Woodley, Neil Lockwood, Veng Hong, Larry Sperry (Staff), Grant Seaman (Staff)

Row 2 – Miche’l Mester, Cyrel Pamintuan, Anthony Creasey, Tom Walters, Justin Greer, Tyler Hertz, Peter Hamilton, Eric Hamel, Andrew Spitzer, Christopher Winrich, Daniel Rim, Jess Juanich

Row 3 – Liam Lacey, Timathee Hansen, Nicolas Bergmann, Kevin Nguyen, Spencer Curley, Sean Crowell, James Cooke, Ben Rolland


Elm MMayor Mr. Daniel Rim

Elm CCity Clerk Mr. Timathee Hansen

City Council
Mr. Peter Hamilton, Mr. Tyler Hertz, Mr. Neil Lockwood, Mr. Miche’l Mester, Mr. Ben Rolland


Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams  Mr. Justin Greer, Mr. Kevin Lee, Mr. Ben Rolland, Mr. Tom Walters, Mr. Chris Winrich

Rainier  Mr. James Cooke, Mr. Sean Crowell, Mr. Eric Hamel, Mr. Timathee Hansen, Mr. Daniel Rim


Election Board

Adams – Mr. Justin Greer

Rainier – Mr. Ramiro Garcia

 The Elm City Flag

city sign - elm

We the people, the Elmbros, the best city of Evergreen State stand for “exellentiam, ductus, gloria”. Excellence, leadership, glory. When one first looks at our flag one will notice our crest. Traditionally crests belong to a family to symbolize traits integral to its character. However, I would argue ELM CITY has become a family! As such, we choose our crest to stand for traits important to us as a unit. First off, the Elmers glue, symbolizing a bond that holds us together. Second, the gavel symbolizing justice and equality for everyone. Third, Elmoe, representing the inner child that resides in all of us. Finally, the face of professor Elm that shows the thirst for knowledge all Elmbros possess.

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Save the date for our next session on June 18-24, 2023.