Row 1Mike Movius (Staff), Damen Jeg (Staff), Ian White, Kevin Mendez, Nathan Anderson, Nathan Marx, Joseph Coppock, Leif Klinger, Yooseong Choi, Isaac Greene, Miguel Moreno, Joshua Polen, Adam Thompson, Nathan Lee, Joaquin Gurza (Staff)

Row 2Keith Reitz (Staff), Braden Huntington, Alex Paget, Tim Styrlund, Spencer Germer, Gregory Ray, Bryce Johnson, Dominick Miles, Lyman Dudley, Wesley Bayles, Anthony Kaskurs, Dane Gurnard, Mike Montaney (Staff)

Row 3 – Renil Bejoy, Keegan Fitzpatrick, Cody Lincoln, Christian Garone, Brayden Howard, Isaiah Blum, Timothy McAleer, Caleb Bischoff, Seth Ames, Ian Hawkins, Chase Krumins (Staff)


Fir MMayor Mr. Leif Klinger

Fir CCity Clerk Mr. Dominick Miles

City Council
Mr. Lyman Dudley, Mr. Christian Garone, Mr. Isaac Greene, Mr. Nathan Lee, Mr. Ian White


Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams  Mr. Wesley Bayles, Mr. Yooseong Choi, Mr. Lyman Dudley, Mr. Dominick Miles,
Mr. Adam Thompson

Rainier  Mr. Renil Bejoy, Mr. Keegan Fitzpatrick, Mr. Spencer Germer, Mr. Nathan Marx,
Mr. Joshua Polen


Election Board

Adams – Mr. Christian Garone

Rainier – Mr. Renil Bejoy

The Fir City Flag

city sign - fir

As a tribute to the Texas flag, which represents the strength and unity of Texas and its history, the City of Fir has decided to parallel the ideas of ‘lone star’ with that of a ‘lone fir’. The focus of the flag, a green fir tree, represents the unity of the Fir people. As the flag is shown, the lower brown section represents the peak of the mountain on which the lone fir stands. As you look from left o to right the color begins as sky blue and ends with black, representing the day-in and day-out dedication the people of Fir give to their state.


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