Party Officials

dylan milligan crop

Mr. Dylan Milligan

Mr. Leif Klinger

Mr. Jonathan McCuistion

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Andrew Spitzer

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Isaiah Retan

Alder Platform Chairman:
Mr. Michael Higgins

Birch Platform Chairman:
Mr. Ian Lam

Cedar Platform Chairman:
Mr. Nathaniel Callens Jr.

Elm Platform Chairman:
Mr. Liam Lacey

Fir Platform Chairman:
Mr. Dane Gurnard


2015 Party Platform 

  • Marriage Equality
  • Legalization of marijuana with government regulation
    • Excise Tax
  • Background check & test mental health for guns
    • Citizens with guns already are grandfathered in
  • Legal 1st trimester abortions
  • Against the mandated use of badge cameras
    • High costs are prohibitive
  • Easier process for illegal aliens to obtain documentation & work permits
  • Increase in minimum wage
    • Welfare cut to lower levels
  • Decrease costs of in-state community college tuition
  • Promote clean energy
  • Paid maternity leave
  • Pro Stem-cell research
    • To eventually create Jurassic Island
  • State mental health facilities funded by the State
  • Maintain 8.1% Washington State sales tax
    • Allow 1.5% variance above this at city’s discretion.
  • Flat income tax
  • Create Jurassic Island



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