Mr. Ty Trenary, Snohomish County Sheriff, spoke with the delegates of Evergreen Boys State Monday morning.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Official Website


     “What I learned from Mr. Ty Trenary….”

“I learned that police brutality is not nearly as common as people seem to think, and I also learned that drug-sniffing dogs are very expensive. In addition, I learned that while being a cop can be a very brutal job at times, it is also very rewarding.”
-James Cooke, City of Elm

“I learned a lot about how the major problems are connected and what they can do or are already doing to stop them.”
-Spencer Germer, City of Fir

“I learned important things about drugs, homelessness, policing in America and important things about how drug cartels move their product. The speaker was very good and he gave me great insight on how our police department works.”
-Theodore Falip, City of Cedar

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