Party Officials

party - adams chairChairman:
Mr. Jacob Simmons

Mr. Hayden Grimmet

Mr. Benjamin Chung

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Christian Domingos

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Scott Musselwhite

 Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Kenrick Doherty

Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Antonio Martorano

 Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Joe Doria

Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Nathan Rise


2016 Party Platform 

  • The party animal is the Black Bear.
  • For the ability to declare war on cities.
  • For progressive taxation.
  • For food banks/programs for the homeless.
  • For the eventual deletion of Oklahoma.
  • Fundamental beliefs based on the Constitution.
  • For the establishment of local/state sanctioned sports programs.
  • For the research of Combat Dinosaurs.
  • The Chairman of the Adams party shall be referred to as “Vermin Supreme”.
  • For expanding the budget for Space exploration.
  • For the enforcement of trial by combat.
  • For nuclear power as an alternative energy.
  • For the separation of Church and State.
  • For the establishment of life skills classes in Secondary education.
  • For the Repeal Common core.
  • For V.A. like Programs.
  • For the annexation of Puerto Rico.
  • For the enforcement Evergreen State Militia.
  • For the enforcement of bike lanes.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.