The Honorable Rob McKenna

Mr. Rob McKenna, former Washington State Attorney General, spoke with the delegates of Evergreen Boys State Monday morning about his experiences as the chief lawyer of the state and…..

“What I learned from Mr. Rob McKenna…”

“Rob McKenna had some very interesting historical facts in his speech.  I got a view of how Abraham Lincoln became president at just the right time and did just the right things to minimize the negative impact of the American Civil War.  I also received insight on how the Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches of the US government check and balance each other out.”
-Gabriel Bryant, City of Hemlock


“I learned that there are many different views to almost every topic, and that it takes a special leader to be able to temper them all in a democratic setting.”
-Hunter Cofer, City of Elm


“I thought it was interesting how the discussion over gun control and getting bills + laws passed through the government could be so intricate. Also, there were 4 bills proposed today in the senate so his topic was current and informational. Showing the history behind the legislature connected what U.S History taught us but on a more specific level.”
-Richard Torres, City of Birch


Rob McKenna’s Biography

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