Party Officials

party - rainier chairChairman:
Mr. Joe Koffel

Mr. Sean Liberman

Mr. Marcutio Hamaker

Convention Chairman:
Mr. Jacob Shank

Campaign Chairman:
Mr. Nick Krane

Party Vice Chairman:
Mr. Adam Benmalek

Platform Chairman
Mr. Ian McGee

Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Harry Brelsford

Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Andy Kruse

 Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Luke Frost

Platform Vice Chairman:
Mr. Austin Buchanan

Mr. Nicholas Dyrland


2016 Party Platform 

  1. Incentivize Clean Energy
    1. Help work towards more stable future
    2. Use Hydro-electricity
    3. Use of Tidal-electricity
    4. Open to nuclear power
  2. Anti-Combat Dinosaurs
    1. No financially responsible for training of combat dinosaurs at state level
  3. Declassify State Government Documents
    1. Including any documents pertaining to U.F.O.’s
    2. Includes declassification of any criminal records
    3. Declassification after 25 years
  4. Flat Income Tax
    1. Above 50,000 at 8%
    2. Below 50,000 at 3%
  5. Change Nebraska to Aksarben
    1. No use to United States
  6. Against peeing in the shower or on the toilet seat
    1. Punishable by death
  7. Tobacco age use to 21
    1. Health concerns
    2. Slow down teen consumption
    3. Slow down the profit income of the big business of tobacco company
  8. Increase Funding for all Veterans Programs
    1. Help support those who have been disowned and treated wrong for what they have done in their service for our country
  9. Legalalize Prostitution
    1. Help with health concerns
    2. Helps with taxes

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.