Mr. Ty Trenary, Snohomish County Sheriff, spoke with the delegates of Evergreen Boys State Monday afternoon.


“What I learned from Mr. Ty Trenary….”

“Listening to Ty Trenary was incredibly interesting. I was able to learn about the terrible social issues that are affecting the state of Washington currently. I enjoyed learning about the view on police reform and the media controversy reporting negative positions on police officers.”
-Ryan Vance, City of Birch


There are certain issues in society that can possibly be fixed, but they can only be fixed at a price.
Loving your career makes you take initiative to fix and imagine unique solutions “for the community”.
-Grant Lee, City of Hemlock


“I learned about the situation of heroin addiction in Washington, which I was unaware of before. I didn’t know the situation was so bad, or how the police situations were like.”
-Piljin Kwak, City of Elm

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Official Website

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