Row 1Ron King, Cameron Ford, Caleb Evans, Marcus Washington, Tyler Barnes, Sam Webb, Braden Yoder, Micah Robertson, Kevin Snow, Zach Lynch-McGhan

Row 2 – Dylan Sanchez, Danny Morales, Michael Zendejas, Jesus Lopez, Jack Stoecker, Owen Benda, Finn Johnson, Cameron Code-Muck, Mateo Grub


City Clerk Mr. Cameron Ford   Mayor Mr. Jack Stoecker


City Council
Mr. Tyler Barnes
Mr. Owen Benda
Mr. Mateo Grub
Mr. Finn Johnson
Mr. Marcus Washington

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. Cameron Ford, Mr. Jack Stoecker, Mr. Michael Zendejas

Rainier – Mr. Mateo Grub, Mr. Micah Robertson, Mr. Kevin Snow

Election Board

Adams – Mr. Dylan Sanchez

Rainier – Mr. Kevin Snow


The Alder City Flag

The Flag of Alder has meaning in it’s representation of the member citizens of our great city. The 17 sections of the flag represent the 17 citizens who make up our glorious city. The capital A in the top left is of course the first letter in the cities name, identifying the majesty of the flag. The octagon represents the 8 neighboring cities that surround and help this great city of Alder, making Evergreen be a more perfect state. The Red symbollically represents our deep, coveted love, for this great city. And also, the last three letters of Alder spelled backwards is red. Alder forever.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.