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Boys Nation Delegates

Winners of the $1,000 Heintz Memorial Boys Nation Scholarship

 Mr. Benjamin Crosby
Mr. Benjamin Hull


Winner of the $1,000 Evergreen Boys State Foundation Governor’s Scholarship

 Mr. Benjamin Crosby

Speaker of the House

Winner of the $500 Leonard Beil Speaker of the House Scholarship

Mr. Caleb Evans

The American Legion Samsung Scholarship

Winner of a $1,250 scholarship and finalist for a $10,000 scholarship

 Mr. Michael Zendejas

Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship

Winner of the $500 Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship

Mr. Jacob Ball

Harry Easley Outstanding Citizenship Award

Winner of the $500 Harry Easley Outstanding Citizen Scholarship

Mr. Peter Kim

City Citizenship Awards

Winner of a$250 Evergreen Boys State Scholarship

City of Alder: Mr. Jack Stoecker
City of Birch: Mr. Benjamin Rose
City of Elm: Mr. Justin Peterson
City of Fir: Mr. Alec Acfalle
City of Hemlock: Mr. Matthew Morrison
City of Maple: Mr. Dylan O’Brien
City of Oak: Mr. Troy Saunders
City of Pine: Mr. Mark Christensen
City of Tamarack: Mr. Benjamin Hull

Carl & Ruth Wipperman Legacy Leadership Scholarship

Winner of the $1,000 Wipperman Leadership Scholarship

Mr. Dewitt Clute

“Expectations of Excellence” Awards

Mr. Peter Kim

Mr. James Halford

Mr. Randy Kim

Mr. Sam Webb

Mr. Malachi Areta

City of the Day

Sunday: Hemlock

Monday: Tamarack

Tuesday: Pine

Wednesday: Alder

Thursday: Elm

City of the Week

The Great City of  Hemlock

Director’s Award for Excellence

For the County problem with the best resolution.

The County of Puget

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