Row 1Drew Pierson, Grant Poppe, William Jensen, Parker Sodon, Guy Redfox, Chris Ryals, Ethan Kim, Logan Cole, Arturo Medina, Austin Franks

Row 2 – Bruce Clarke, Cole Hanshaw, Ben Rose, Deven Nieves-Noel, Nick Robinson, Jacob Ball, Benjamin Crosby, Robert Walsh, Kai Pierce



Mayor Mr. Benjamin Crosby    City Clerk Mr. Ben Rose


City Council
Mr. Jacob Ball
Mr. Bruce Clarke
Mr. William Jensen
Mr. Ethan Kim
Mr. Deven Nieves-Noel

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. William Jensen, Mr. Guy Redfox, Mr. Ben Rose

Rainier – Mr. Ethan Kim, Mr. Grant Poppe, Mr. Nick Robinson


Election Board

Adams – Mr. William Jensen

Rainier – Mr. Grant Poppe


The Birch City Flag

The flag of the city of Birch is divided into sections to represent our sections of government. The sections are each a specific color. Red represents the blood spilled by American heroes to protect our free city. White represents integrity. This color is the center section to show that it is our central focus. The base section is blue, to show that the base of our coastal city’s economy is the sea, and the resources we get from it. The blue becomes lighter towards the word, “Birch,” showing the direction of the waves. This shows that the sea brings prosperity towards, not away, from Birch. There are two circles on the flag, representing Cascade county. The circles are completed with the words “City of Birch” to show that the county is not complete without Birch. Finally, our town slogan is predominantly displayed: “Saturdays are for the Birch.” For many people the saying is, “Saturdays are for the boys,” to insinuate that on the weekends, there’s nothing one wants more than to get away from your work or city, so you can spend time instead with your friends or family. But in the City of Birch, we are friends. We are family. And so, Saturdays, like all other days, are for the Birch. Birch, UPROOT.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.