Row 1Mike Movius, Alex Defillippi, Noah Fields, Dylan O’Brien, Jacob Kirschbaum, Neil Gromlich, Ryan Vandenberg, Connor Hoisington, Nathan Knoch, Casey Pregartner

Row 2 – Kobe Woodruff, Carter Seehafer, Eric Simpson, Zack Glenn, David Anderson, Matthew Jugovic, Jared Cullum, Jayden Houchin


Mayor Mr. Connor Hoisington    City Clerk Mr. Eric Simpson


City Council
Mr. Jared Cullum
Mr. Matthew Jugovic
Mr. Jacob Kirschbaum
Mr. Carter Seehafer
Mr. Ryan Vandenberg

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. Jared Cullum, Mr. Jacob Kirschbaum, Mr. Dylan O’Brien

Rainier – Mr. Matthew Jugovic, Mr. Carter Seehafer, Mr. Ryan Vandenberg

Election Board

Adams – Mr. Noah Fields

Rainier – Mr. Nathan Knoch


The Maple City Flag

The city of Maple’s flag is not only a symbolic representation of our citizens, but it’s also an
ideology that we hold dear. Each color has it’s own significance. Red shows how bold we are and the strength we have. Yellow is the color of happiness and joy. Orange is a mixture of both usually associated with enthusiasm. Green represents the growth we constantly strive for, and Black is a formal show of powerful Elegance. The leaves on our tree represents the diversity in each of us, from the color of our personality to the physical shape of our bodies. No two members are the same and our individuality is what defines our wonderful city, no matter who comes to our city we will welcome them and together we will hold as strong as a tree trunk, with roots leading to our core values. Receptum, meaning commitment and our continuous dedication to better ourselves and each other. Superbia is the pride we hold for our city and our fellow citizens. And Probitatis for the honesty of fighting for what we believe in. The Maple City flag is not just cloth with scribbles on it, but a philosophy that each and every one of us believes in with all our heart

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Save the date for our next session on June 18-24, 2023.