Row 1Ryan Johnston, Charlie Jones, Tyler Allen, Garrett Aichele, Caden Natterstad, Finn Boyd, Tristan Wolff, Randy Kim, Alex Carlson, Fred Olness

Row 2 –Aaron Tang, Mark Christensen, Austin Early, Abraham Cena-Avina, Elias Mora, Damian Torres, Andersen Chumbley, Michael Lym, Judah Wyllie,


Mayor Mr. Randy Kim    City Clerk Mr. Finn Boyd

City Council
Mr. Abraham Cena-Avina
Mr. Mark Christensen
Mr. Caden Natterstad
Mr. Aaron Tang
Mr. Judah Wyllie

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. Alex Carlson, Mr. Elias Mora, Mr. Aaron Tang

Rainier – Mr. Garrett Aichele, Mr. Abraham Cena-Avina, Mr. Caden Natterstad

Election Board

Adams – Mr. Randy Kim

Rainier – Mr. Finn Boyd

The Pine City Flag

Overall, our flag represents our city’s desire for unity and appreciation for our natural surroundings. We have utilized symbols of nature which also take on deep symbolic meaning. The pine tree, featuring prominently in the center of our design, represents our great city and represents our goals of growth, longevity, and preservation of virtues. The mountains on either side represent the two political parties of equal stature and significance upon which our government relies. The water at the base of the tree is a symbol of life and purity and the eight stars encircling the flag represent the other cities of our state, with whom we hope to cooperate to allow our state to achieve new heights and reach for the stars.

Save the date for our 2024 session on June 16-22, 2024.