Row 1 – Kyle Geraghty, Jacob Pender, Riley Gamson, Caleb Matheny, Benjamin Hull, Jed Young, Kynan Goldsby, David Lange, Hunter Cofer

Row 2 – Ryan Jensen, Alan Nordine, Brody Sodon, Henry Brown, Alex Kennedy, Riley Smith, Christian Alexander, Frederick Uy, Gary Roach


Mayor Mr. Jed Young   City Clerk Mr. Frederick Uy

City Council
Mr. Christian Alexander
Mr. Alex Kennedy
Mr. David Lange
Mr. Alan Nordine
Mr. Brody Sodon

Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams – Mr. Riley Gamson, Mr. Caleb Matheny, Mr. Brody Sodon

Rainier – Mr. David Lange, Mr. Alan Nordine, Mr. Jed Young

Election Board

Adams – Mr. Benjamin Hull 

Rainier – Mr. Alan Nordine

The Tamarack City Flag

Light Bulb is the state bird of the city of Tamarack.  It stands as a symbol of the light and knowledge that will be put forth by the members of our community in order to serve our city.

Eagle wings represent the coming back of the city of Tamarack and the idea that will soar above expectations allowing our ideas and citizens to flow above high.

The forest beneath our state bird symbolizes the confusion below.  It means that we as a team are able to overcome the confusion and rise beyond everyone’s expectation by being the light bulb that provides knowledge and light for guidance.

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Save the date for our next session on June 18-24, 2023.