Oak City

Row 1. Bob Tretheway (Staff), David Gaines, Michael Caparoso, Wiley Post, Levi West, Bobby Nadeau, Jared Grimmer, Kevin Kirkpatrick

Row 2. Rick Martin, Danny Steyer, Brian Mickelson, Tieba Bropleh, Steve Lane, Christian Lucier, Mathew Yunker, Andy Babcock, Braxton Osting (Staff)

Row 3. Brett Jordan, Cameron Hunt, Andrew Cole, Zack Robertson, James Eberlein III, John Hekimian, Todd Noste, Grant Twitchell, Scott Pearl


Mayor Mr. Todd Noste

City Clerk Mr. Matt Yunker

City Council
Mr. Andrew Cole, Mr. David Gaines, Mr. Kevin Kirkpatrick, Mr. Bobby Nadeau


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalist Mr. Andy Babcock, Mr. Tieba Bropleh, Mr. Brian Mickelsen

Nationalist Mr. Zack Robertson, Mr. Grant Twitchell, Mr. Mathew Yunker


Election Board

FederalistMr. James Eberlein III

NationalistMr. David Gaines


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