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Premier Summer Program for Juniors

Evergreen Boys State aims to simulate and emulate Washington State government through a fun and engaging summer program. You will have an opportunity to construct local, county and state governments.

Activities include running for office, court proceedings, creating and enforcing laws, pizza parties, celebrations, and recreational programs. You’ll hone your public speaking skills, experience how government works, get inspired by guest speakers, have fun and make new friends for life.

Program Goals & Objectives

Our program, with its broad scope, encompasses a multitude of important objectives. Among these, The American Legion places the utmost emphasis on the following:

  • Fostering Civic Leadership and Pride in Young American Citizenship: Our primary goal is to cultivate a sense of civic leadership and instill pride in every young man attending Evergreen Boys State. We aspire for each participant to return to his community as a more engaged and responsible citizen. We aim to kindle within him a personal desire to contribute to his community’s betterment, making it a place where everyone can thrive.
  • Cultivating a Passion for In-Depth Government Study: Beyond a passive interest, we strive to ignite a genuine passion for the comprehensive study of government. Our aim is to nurture an enduring thirst for knowledge in this field.
  • Nurturing an Understanding of American Traditions and Belief in the United States: We endeavor to convey the rich traditions that have shaped our nation’s history. Our aim is to impress upon young men the profound value of these traditions and to demonstrate that the continued existence of freedom depends on the dedication of those who work toward a better America.
  • Instilling a Determination to Uphold Our Form of Government: We pursue this objective through various means, but our primary approach is to immerse young citizens in the realization of the extraordinary privilege of being an American.

The last two objectives are drawn from the Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion:

  • To Inculcate a Sense of Individual Obligation to the Community, State, and Nation: We aim to instill in our youth a profound understanding of their personal responsibility to their community, state, and nation.
  • Safeguarding and Transmitting to Posterity the Principles of Justice, Freedom, and Democracy: Our commitment is to ensure the perpetuation of these principles, fostering their understanding and appreciation among future generations.

These objectives represent our unwavering commitment to molding responsible, informed, and patriotic citizens who will actively contribute to our society’s betterment.

Save the date for our 2025 session on June 11-21, 2025.