What to Bring

So you are packing for Evergreen Boys State and wondering what to bring. We’ve put together this list of suggestions to help you out.

For clothing remember early summer weather on Puget Sound can be unpredictable. You should plan on packing clothes for a range of temperatures and weather.

What will be supplied for you:

  • Bed sheets and blankets
  • Pillow
  • All meals and program materials
  • One EBS T-Shirt

Clothes to bring: (See the EBS Dress Code HERE)

  • Casual everyday clothes – jeans, t-shirts, casual/walking shorts (note: athletic/gym shorts can not be worn during program activities)
  • Semi-formal business clothes – slacks, button-down dress shirts, tie, belt, optional sport coat
  • Comfortable shoes to walk in – tennis/running shoes (note: open-toed shoes like flip-flops or sandals cannot be worn outside of your sleeping area at EBS per the program’s insurance policy)
  • Dress shoes
  • Jacket or sweatshirt
  • Socks and underwear

Toiletries to bring:

  • Shower towel
  • Toothpaste/toothbrush
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Shaving supplies and razor
  • Comb and haircare products
  • Shower shoes/flip-flops (note: cannot be worn outside your sleeping area)


  • Prescription medications (note: you must notify the staff at check-in of any prescription medications you are taking)
  • Non-prescription allergy medicines or pain relievers such as Benadryl or Tylenol (note: EBS staff cannot supply to (or purchase for) any student these types of items)

Optional miscellaneous items:

  • Snacks for between meals or late night
  • Small amounts of spending money – you will not need this, but may want a small amount for snacks from vending machines or for the Friday night pizza party
  • Smartphone/Tablet/Laptop Computer – nothing in the program requires them for you to be successful; however many students find having use of an internet capable device handy during the week. Also, while we take security very seriously in all areas we use, EBS cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen electronics.

Things that should NOT be brought to EBS:

  • Tobacco
  • Vaping materials
  • Alcohol
  • Recreational drugs of any kind or drugs taken for non-medical purposes
  • Weapons of any kind including knives, firearms, pepper spray or tasers
  • Items of significant value such as jewelry, video game systems or large amounts of cash
  • Pre-made campaign materials – all materials for the program and campaigning for office will be supplied by the program
Save the date for our 2025 session on June 11-21, 2025.