Spruce City

Row 1. Shane Powell (Staff), Byron Masi, Greg Power, Brad Zeiger, Kenji Narimatsu, Peter Ellis, Colton Carothers, Chris Herman, Cory Baird, Sean Collison, Ron King (Staff)

Row 2. Darin Strickland, Michael Berry, Keith Thomas, Kylan Robinson, James Brown, Benjamin Groves, Tae Lynn, Brian Nyquist

Row 3. Aaron Westfall, Jeremy Iverson, Todd Dixon, Tony Klein, Kevin Miller, William Shepherd, Rudy Valdez, EJ Juarez


Mayor Mr. Chris Herman

City Clerk Mr. Sean Collison

City Council
Mr. James Brown, Mr. Tony Klein, Mr. Tae Lynn, Mr. Kevin Miller, Mr. Brad Zeiger


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalist Mr. Peter Ellis, Mr. Tony Klein, Mr. Aaron Westfall

Nationalist Mr. Tyson Gamblin, Mr. Kylan Robinson, Mr. Darin Strickland


Election Board

FederalistMr. Brian Nyquist

NationalistMr. Colton Carothers


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