Row 4: Charles Russell, Colton White, Ian Coglon, Matthew Schedler

Row 3: Timothy Riley, Christopher Hargrave, Sean Hough, Frank Sosa, David Vinson

Row 2: Ken Lee (staff), Michael Walker, Dylan Marriner, Bryce Borland, Steven Riley, Matthew McCoy, Nathan Brown, Constant Zhang, Reed Michaelsen (staff)

Row 1: Adam Fuwell, Jerry Alvarez, Colin Bowman, Travis Jorgenson, Samuel Trowbridge, Ryan Emery, Kevin Brown, National Commander Paul A. Morin



Mayor Sean Hough
City Clerk Steven Riley


City Council

Jerry Alvarez, Nathan Brown, Ian Coglon, Travis Jorgenson, Constant Zhang


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – Matthew McCoy, Samuel Trowbridge, Colton White

Nationalists – Sean Hough, Charles Russell, Michael Walker


Election Board

Federalist – Steven Riley

Nationalist – Charles Russell

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