Row 3: Kenneth O’Kelley, Jacob Thorpe, Taylor Dunn, Casey Scalf, Robert Christman, Nathan Hirsch, Maxwell Daniels

Row 2: Eric Maldonado, Cody Jandzinski, Anthony Schnelle, Koltin Sessions, Chris Taylor, Michael Furman, Adam Vance

Row 1: AJ Manry (staff), Robert Ward, Jesse Baker, Elijah Houle, Riley Park, Chris Treasure, Marcus Horne, Mike Montaney (staff)



Mayor Robert Ward
City Clerk Marcus Horne


City Council

Taylor Dunn, Cody Jandzinski, Casey Scalf, Koltin Sessions, Jacob Thorpe


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – Kenneth O’Kelley, Jacob Thorpe, Adam Vance

Nationalists – Jesse Balser, Nathan Hirsch, Riley Park


Election Board

Federalists – Michael Furman, Marcus Horne

Nationalists – Jesse Baker, Nathan Hirsch

Inspector – Casey Scalf (Fed)

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