Row 3: John Uehlin, Brian Pace, Chad Reeder, Alexander Lacy, Michael Henry, Benjamin Snow, Mack Sullivan

Row 2: Toddneal Hart, Nathan Corke, Chris Lewis, Chris Georgell, Charles Du, Richard Murphy, Joel Odimba Jr., Reed Michaelsen (staff)

Row 1: Fred Olness (staff), Andre Green, James Fisher, Andrew Wallace, Jacob Havens, Michael Ridenhour, Travis Hanley, Sunny Kuo, Bob Trethewey (staff)



Mayor John Uehlin
City Clerk Brian Pace


City Council

Chris Gorgell, Andre Green, Alexander Lacy, Michael Ridenhour, Richard Murphy


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – James Fisher, Alexander Lacy, Benjamin Snow

Nationalists – Charles Du, Travis Hanley, Mack Sullivan


Election Board

Federalists – Nathan Corke, John Uehlin

Nationalists Travis Hanley, Richard Murphy

Inspector – Brian Pace (Nat)

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