Row 3: Justin Dominiak, Austen Stone, Greg Medlock, Joel Geist, Samuel Fox, Tyler Bedford, Trevor Youngquist, Ben Kiefel, Loren Bates
Row 2: Marc O’Connor (staff), Rielley Duckworth, Cory Shanahan, Connor Knapp, Stephen Bourn, Anthony Rose, Brennan Smith, Toan Nguyen, Cody Jenkins
Row 1: Andrew French, Colton Myers, Jester Cabanting, Danny Baker, Killian Poore, Reed Michaelson (staff)



Mayor Mr. Brennan Smith
City Clerk  Mr. Toan Ngueyn


City Council

Mr. Justin Dominiak, Mr. Samuel Fox, Mr. Andrew French, Mr. Killian Poore


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – Mr. Sam Fox, Mr. Joel Geist, Mr. Anthony Rose

Nationalists – Mr. Danny Baker, Mr. Killian Poore, Mr. Cory Shanahan


Election Board

Federalists – Mr. Loren Bates, Mr. Anthony Rose

Nationalists – Mr. Connor Knapp, Mr. Colton Myers

Inspector  Mr. Samuel Fox (Fed)

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