Row 4: Robert Bell-Hollingsworth, Eli Simmons, Keith Klapperich, Scott Hershey, Cameron Gilman, Ryan Naluai, Jason Houts, Nathan Pope, James Coatsworth
Row 3: Andrew Peters, Elliot Dano, Jesse Brass, Dylan Johnson, Geoffrey Waller, Austin Spraggins, Nicholas Teal, Mindon Win, Daniel Zapotocky (staff)
Row 2: Isaac Aguigui (staff), Justin Craigmile, Greg Brown, Cassius Butcher, Charles Roberts, Thomas Wright, Grant Seaman (staff)
Row 1: Charles Rice, Juan Mata, Manuel Carrillo, Erich Mietenkorte (staff), Anthony Zendejas IV



Mayor Mr. Geoffrey Waller
City Clerk Mr. Greg Brown


City Council

Mr. Jesse Brass, Mr. James Coatsworth, Mr. Justin Craigmile, Mr. Austin Spraggins, Mr. Nicholas Teal


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – Mr. Greg Brown, Mr. Eli Simmons, Mr. Nicholas Teal

Nationalists – Mr. Charles Roberts, Mr. Geoffrey Waller, Mr. Thomas Wright


Election Board

Federalists – Mr. Robert Bell, Mr. Nicholas Teal

Nationalists – Mr. Cassius Butcher, Mr. Elliot Dano

Inspector  Mr. Dylan Johnson (Fed)

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