Row 3: Fred Olness (staff), Patrick Haas, Zachary Wood, Christian Caldwell, Alex Hunt, Ashwin Raghuraman, David Nam, Michael Thorsen, Justin Richenburg, Drew Pierson (staff)
Row 2: Matt Becker, Shane Mulholland, Trevin Leeland, Sean Nagle-McNaughton, Quinton Price, Ross Carter, Hansell Torres, Tyler Jacoby, Samuel Deich
Row 1: Marcus Vanderholm, Justin Gaspard, Jack Chmelik, Andrew White, Jared Costanzo, Bryan Gomez, Andrew Clidas, Andy Nguyen, Alex Johnson



Mayor Mr. David Nam
City Clerk Mr. Jared Costanzo


City Council

Mr. Matt Becker, Mr. Christian Caldwell, Mr. Alex Hunt, Mr. Tyler Jacoby, Mr. Andrew White


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists – Mr. Christian Caldwell, Mr. Jared Castanzo, Mr. Hansell Torres

Nationalists – Mr. Ross Carter, Mr. Samuel Deich, Mr. Ashwin Raghuraman


Election Board

Federalists – Mr. Andrew Clidas, Mr. David Nam

Nationalists – Mr. Ross Carter, Mr. Alex Hunt

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