Hemlock 2013

Row 1. Damen Jeg (Staff), Angelito Imadhay Jr, Nicholas Miner, Nick Birkby, Shaughn Lunod, Nathaniel Walker, Erik Sandoval, Brenden Perry, Karlson Schlyer
Row 2. Mike Movius (Staff), Roungseo Youn, Cameron Akker, Gage McNaught, Keith Fife, Austin Weinstein, Garrett Stephens, Joseph Bundick, Andrew Barndt, Joshua Hoesly, Al O’Brien (Staff)
Row 3. Joshua Hames, Hayden Schmitt, Joshua Rommel, Andrew Everett, Rylee Walsh, Conner Uhlinger, Brodie Ford

Hemlock M

Mayor Gage McNaught

Hemlock C

City Clerk Joshua Rommel

City Council

Andrew Barndt, Shaughn Lunod, Karlson Schlyer, Conner Uhlinger


Political Party Precinct Officers

Federalists Jeremy Aguirre, Angelito Imadhay, Gage McNaught

Nationalists Cameron Akker, Nick Miner, Nic Shipley


Election Board

FederalistsJosh Hames, Brendan Perry

Nationalists Rylee Walsh, Roungseo (Peter) Youn


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