Effective Meetings (Monday/Tuesday) This course will explore the interaction between individuals and how to keep order when parties become conflicted.

Effective Presentations/Public Speaking (Monday/Tuesday) This course is designed to help develop a person’s ability to address a large group of individuals in a way that will get the point across. Students that take this course will gain confidence in a large group setting as well as on the individual level.

Decision Making (Monday) This course will explore various ways to evaluate situations and problems and make the best decision for accomplishing goals. Students will be challenged to be creative in their thinking and explore all options to given challenges.

EBS Court Operations section I (Monday)  This course is designed to teach the essentials of how the court system at Evergreen Boys State works and is a requirement of a Juris Doctorate degree. Students must complete the J.D. to practice law in the State of Evergreen and be elected to a prosecutorial position or a judgeship.

EBS Court Operations section II (Tuesday) This course is a continuation of EBS Court Operations section I. Students will further develop and familiarize themselves with the court system of Evergreen Boys State. This course is required to finish the Juris Doctorate.

Ethics (Monday) This course will provide a general overview of your responsibilities as a public servant. It also explores generally accepted rules of professionalism and business etiquette.

Leadership (Monday) This course provides students with the general skills and knowledge to lead a group and/or team in accomplishing goals and problem solving. It will help you understand the basic concepts used to motivate others.

Negotiation & Compromise (Tuesday) This course is designed to help students develop an ability to work together in order to complete a common goal.

Public Financing (Tuesday) This course is designed to help students understand legal requirements of government budgets, taxation and public financial responsibility. It will provide tools for navigating and balancing budgets at the city, county and state level.

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