Awards Ceremony Photos

Boys Nation Delegates

Winners of the $1,000 Heintz Memorial Boys Nation Scholarship

 dsc_1891_shrunkMr. Peter Hamilton
Mr. Draevin Luke


Winner of the $1,000 Evergreen Boys State Foundation Governor’s Scholarship

 dsc_1867_shrunkMr. Dylan Milligan


The American Legion Samsung Scholarship

Winner of a $1,000 scholarship and finalist for a $20,000 scholarship

Mr. Dalen Akker


Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship

Winner of the $250 Evergreen Boys State Eagle Scout Scholarship and finalist for $20,000  scholarship

 dsc_1860_shrunkMr. Seth Meros


Harry Easley Outstanding Citizenship Award

dsc_1856_shrunkMr. Dominick Miles


Carl & Ruth Wipperman Legacy Leadership Scholarship

dsc_1881_shrunkMr. Isaiah Retan


Citizenship Awards

dsc_1853_shrunkCity of Alder: Mr. Khanh Ngo
City of Birch: Mr. Taseen Hossain
City of Cedar: Mr. Abe Bartlett
City of Elm: Mr. Kevin Lee
City of Fir: Mr. Bryce Johnson


“Expectations of Excellence” Awards

Mr. Peter Hamilton

Mr. Braden Sigua

Mr. Justice Bill

Mr. Leif Klinger

Mr. Kristopher Marsh

Mr. Isaiah Retan


City of the Week

dsc_1830_shrunkCity of Elm


City of the Day

Sunday: Cedar

Monday: Elm

Tuesday: Birch

Wednesday: Elm

Thursday: Fir

Friday: Alder

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