The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Commissioner of Public Lands.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

“The Commissioner of Public Lands is the person primarily responsible for the buying, selling, or leasing of land by the state, except for those lands which specific state agencies, e.g. Department of Fisheries – buy for recreational or other uses. The Commissioner arranges for the surveying of state lands to determine their value so that a fair price can be set for their sale or use. He also serves as Secretary of the Board of Natural Resources, the agency named by the legislature to supervise the sale or lease of state lands. The Commissioner acts as the executive head of the Department of Natural Resources, which carries out the decisions of the Board.

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The Commissioner of Public Lands will perform duties as assigned by the Governor. He will prepare at least three bills for the legislature pertaining to the duties of his position and lobby for their enactment. Evaluate grant applications by the criteria set by the office of Commissioner of Public Lands. Give an address at the closing of joint session of government of the accomplishments of his office”

Mr.Wyatt Brugge
Rainier Party, City of Fir

If I land this position I will buy and sell the land of the state. I will stay grounded on the issues at hand regarding land, eroding the barriers between landowners and the impoverished. I will not soil the good name of this office. My ethics are like bedrock. Vote Wyatt Brugge

 Mr.Miguel Correa-West 
Adams Party, City of Birch

2016 bio - Miguel Correa

A little bit about myself, I like to take school seriously, of course like every other teenage adolescent I enjoy conversing and interacting with my peers, but to me education is a ticket to the life I want for myself. So I try my hardest to stay focused and engaged in school. Outside of school I like to enjoy the wonders of the world with friends, or when I’m feeling a little introverted; by myself. I enjoy swimming, hiking, playing soccer. I’ve always been an outdoors person.

 Mr.Owen Landefeld 
Adams Party, City of Alder

2016 bio - owen landefeld

From being an Eagle Scout, an avid hiker and lumberjack, and spending a semester at a school is the Vermont forest, I have a love for nature. I think public lands are pretty darn rad, and I would love to commission them. “Land” is literally in my name, and I think that by itself has earned the job.

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!