The below citizens are running for the 2016 Evergreen Boys State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

From the Evergreen Boys State Citizen’s Manual:

“The State Superintendent of Public Instruction supervises the public schools of the state. He hires trained educators as assistants who along with him, make up the state Department of Education.

The Department of Education is responsible for making sure that the standard of educational training in the public schools is as high as possible and fairly uniform throughout the state.

Duties at Evergreen Boys State: The Superintendent of Public Instruction will perform duties as assigned by the Governor. He will prepare at least three bills for the legislature pertaining to the duties of his position and lobby for their enactment. Evaluate grant applications by the criteria set by the office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Give and address at the closing of joint session of government on the accomplishments of his office.”

No Declared Candidate

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Our next session is June 21-27, 2020. Registration opens soon!