Timeless Values of Citizenship, Character and Fitness

The Boy Scouts of America and the American Legion’s Evergreen Boys State helps young men fully understand government, the important role of citizens, their obligation to participate, ensure their voices are heard and improve our society. BSA and EBS compliment one another by teaching ethical decision-making, respect and fairness as youth continue their leadership journey.

Why an EBS/BSA Partnership?

Our organizations parallel one another by emphasizing:
• Youth protection and
• Character building through experience

The Boy Scouts of America became The American Legion’s (TAL) first partner when it formed shortly after WWI. Our histories are rich and continuing.

The win-win-win relationship is easy to understand:
• TAL sponsors BSA units
• BSA promotes TAL’s

Special preferred application status for Boy Scouts

We know the talents, skills and character that make a successful Boy Scout also make a successful student at Evergreen Boys State. Apply through the special link below and we will give your applicaton special preferred status and move you to the front of the line.


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