First Name Last Name EBS City EBS County EBS Party EBSDiscuss EBS Position Building Room
Harry Brelsford Elm Palouse Rainier 2 Prosecuting Attorney Mt. Baker 1C
Tobias Brown Elm Palouse Adams 3 City Council Mt. Baker 2A
Cameron Burch Elm Palouse Adams 4 City Council Mt. Baker 1B
Hunter Cofer Elm Palouse Adams 5 Supreme Court Mt. Baker 1D
Jonathan Cox Elm Palouse Adams 6 Superintendent of Public Instruction Mt. Baker 1D
Matthew Denchel Elm Palouse Rainier 2 House Mt. Baker 1D
Nicholas Dyrland Elm Palouse Rainier 3 City Council Mt. Baker 1A
Andrew Erickson Elm Palouse Adams 4 Supreme Court Mt. Baker 1B
Anthony Fauchér Elm Palouse Rainier 5 House Mt. Baker 2A
James Getchell Elm Palouse Rainier 6 Insurance Mt. Baker 1A
Hayden Grimmett Elm Palouse Adams 1 Mayor Mt. Baker 1D
Michael Hagglund Elm Palouse Rainier 2 Executive Aid Mt. Baker 1A
Jeremy Heiss Elm Palouse Adams 3 City Council Mt. Baker 1B
Andrew Jenkins Elm Palouse Adams 4 House Mt. Baker 1A
Piljin Kwak Elm Palouse Rainier 5 Senate Mt. Baker 1A
Brady Malone Elm Palouse Adams 6 County Council Mt. Baker 1B
Tate Munnich Elm Palouse Rainier 1 City Council Mt. Baker 1C
David Ogletree Elm Palouse Rainier 2 County Exec Mt. Baker 2A
Hunter Orcutt Elm Palouse Adams 3 Senate Mt. Baker 2A
Hayden Ploeger Elm Palouse Rainier 4 House Mt. Baker 2D
Nathan Rise Elm Palouse Adams 5 Lt. Governor Mt. Baker 1C
CJ Rogers Elm Palouse Rainier 6 Sheriff Mt. Baker 2D
Martin Sample Elm Palouse Adams 1 Senate Mt. Baker 1B
Nick Schultheis Elm Palouse Rainier 2 House Mt. Baker 1C
John Sommer Elm Palouse Adams 3 House Mt. Baker 2D
Cameron Steepy Elm Palouse Rainier 4 Senate Mt. Baker 2A
Brooks Wallace Elm Palouse Adams 5 City Clerk Mt. Baker 1C
Benjamin White Elm Palouse Rainier 6 County Council Mt. Baker 1D
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