Row 1Jacob San Agustin (Staff), James Lohr (Staff), Tom Chandler (Staff), Nolan Manning, Ryan Frye, Calvin Beddoe, Chad Beidas, Matthew Walls, Jeremiah Demaris, Justice Bill, Lyndon Gonzales, Ketan Pal, Chris Gonzalez, Ryan Groeneweg, Loren “Bud” Sperry (Staff), Ryan Poppert (Staff)

Row 2 – Nathaniel Callens Jr., Patrick Charlton, Vincente Velasco, Drake Wilson, Macallister Heric, Jeffrey Davis, Donnell Diego, James Kim, Kimiam Waters, Seth Meros, Logan Cox

Row 3 – Theo Falip, Russell Fox, Abe Bartlett, Matthew Banda, Alex Rodriguez, Bodan McGraw, Dylan Milligan, John Lee, Devin Ankenbauer, Grey Morris, Erik Holm


Cedar MMayor Mr. Chad Beidas

Cedar CCity Clerk Mr. John Lee

City Council
Mr. Ryan Frye, Mr. Chris Gonzalez, Mr. Bodan McGraw, Mr. Ketan Pal, Mr. Matthew Walls


Political Party Precinct Officers

Adams  Mr. Devin Ankenbauer, Mr. Patrick Charlton, Mr. Jeffrey Davis, Mr. Russell Fox,
Mr. Kimiam Waters

Rainier  Mr. Calvin Beddoe, Mr. Justice Bill, Mr. Logan Cox, Mr. Ryan Frye,
Mr. Alex Rodriguez


Election Board

Adams – Mr. Abe Barlett

Rainier – Mr. Nathaniel Callens Jr.

The Cedar City Flag

city sign - cedar

The flag of Cedar goes to highlight the purpose, vision, and drive embodied by the city of Cedar. The primary element of this flag is its most conspicuous feature, a Cedar canoe. The canoe brings into mind the effort to build and row the craft, which manifests as the teamwork and unity inherent among the represented group. The boat is traveling forward, defining the direction that each boy possess to, indeed, travel forward both as an individual and component of a larger community. The color orange of the letter C (The letter c identifying the flag as Cedars) symbolizes the passion the city has to travel the path of excellence and leadership, and represents the torch that each citizen of Cedar will take with them after their experience at boys state, to lead their nation towards something, new and meaningful for the world.


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